Tuesday, October 18, 2011

J.Crew can give me everything I need in life right now (still)

Ok, and maybe DVF Fall 2011 RTW can, too, but that's another post...

One time at work like two years ago went down in the history books as the time I proclaimed complete loyalty ONLY to J.Crew for the rest of my life if they would give me a lifetime supply of women's sportswear. Now, according to this arrangement I would be allowed to buy all my undies and some accessories and stuff from other places (though I wouldn't have to since they've added so many tchotchkes to the mix (but those are mostly brand partnerships anyway and not J.Crew proper so they kinda don't count)). So basically this deal would mean anything visible on my person would be J.Crew and J.Crew only (including items from brand partnerships, but that's up to my discretion (says the verbal contract)).

On this historical day I might have even said a prayer to "the J.Crew gods," an imaginary trinity of Cashmere, Cafe Capri, and Double Cloth, to please please please let me win a sweepstakes or something involving this fantasy lifetime supply. My co-worker then made a good point about what if they lose Jenna Lyons? Or what if her genius-well runs bone dry and the clothes start to suck like they did for ALMOST ALL THE YEARS BEFORE JENNA? (btw, from now on B.J. means "Before Jenna")...but I said I didn't care. I said I'd take the risk.

I know it's a totally crazy promise, but to prove my commitment I've already spent like seven minutes writing the above paragraphs, and another couple hours putting together the following digital shrine of what I hope to see in my closet's future. To keep the holy theme going, I'm going with the power of three. So, if I could choose three of each type of item from the current online collection, these are what I'd pray for (and I don't even believe in real god(s) like other people do):

Clockwise from ME: Porcupine Popover, Pony Cardigan, 
Play Commes des Garcons Cardigan

Clockwise from ME: Velvet Crush Top, Suzette Blouse, Blythe Blouse

Clockwise from ME: Commes des Garcons Play Striped Heart Tee, 
Fit Colorblock Tee, Crochet Lace Front Tee

Clockwise from ME: Schoolboy Blazer in Academy Stripe, 
Technicolor Tweed Jacket, Hacking Jacket in Double Serge Wool

Clockwise from ME: Toggle Coat in Houndstooth Plaid, 
Double Cloth Symphony Coat, Plaza Coat

Clockwise from ME: Starlee Sequin Dress, Sally Dress, 
Blythe Shirt Dress
Clockwise from ME (looking like Susan Boyle): Cafe Capri in Wool, 
Cafe Capri in Harvest Tweed, Min Jodhpur Pant
Clockwise from ME (on repeat): Bellamy Python Ankle Boots, 
Viv Flats, Darby Calf Hait Loafers

Clockwise from ME (Susan Boyle strikes again): Classic Pave Link Bracelet, 
Lulu Frost for J.Crew Crystal Horseshoe Necklace, Resin Colorblock Bracelet

 Clockwise from ME: AR Trapp Troubadour Sunglasses, Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves,
Eddie Borgo for J.Crew Cone and Pearl Belt
[Product photos and names from J.Crew.com. Photos of me are from me courtesy of Facebook, my mom, dad, life, etc.] 

And now you can turn to your neighbors to offer the sign of peace (or Tweet me and mention #jcrewshrine if you're feeling the fever). 


  1. Can I please have those blue gloves?! Ok, thanks J Crew. Also, you may want to suggest that they add your floating head to their website. It makes me want to purchase everything. I feel like their sales would skyrocket!

  2. OMG I know. The blue gloves also come in a really bright purpley pink. We should tag team and get all colors...I subscribed to your posts via email (even though I see them on FB)--can't risk missing a single post, though!