Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fancy Pigs in a Blanket (or Snuggie)

Oh hey! I hope you're hungry because Srsly Fancy has a brand new section called Snacks. It will mainly feature tasty recipes for things you can make (and eat) quickly. Think fast food, but just a little bit slower. If you've never heard of a snack before, I can help you learn!

A snack is technically something small you eat between meals, but if you wanna get really crazy, you can eat a bunch of snacks instead of a meal. I like to make a million little snacks when I have guests because people generally like to taste lots of different flavors. A "smörgåsbord," if you will.

Last weekend I had a bunch of peeps over and made my Fancy Pigs in a Blanket. These are not your average pigs in a blanket because they're decorated with poppy and sesame seeds. You can roll your dough in almost anything, really, to dress your pigs up--which you'll especially want to do if they're making a special appearance in front of your guests. Here's the recipe for these mini diva dogs:

What you'll need (to feed 8 hungry friends):
Two 8 oz. cans of Pillsbury® refrigerated crescent dinner rolls
Two 16 oz. packages of beef cocktail franks (wieners)
Poppy seeds
Sesame seeds
Dips: ketchup and your favorite flavor of mustard

How to make 'em
Peel the paper off your first can of crescent rolls and wait for the awesome POP! sound (this might be the best part of making the Fancy Pigs so make sure you enjoy it). Roll out your sheet of dough on a large cutting board or flat, sanitary surface. Pillsbury has already cut perforated lines in the dough, but this is to help you form the shape of the large crescent rolls--we are not making those so we'll be thinking "outside of the box (or lines?)" for this recipe.

Cut 1.5" to 2" sized squares into the dough, going about 6 times across across and 5 down. Don't worry if there are lines from the pre-cut dough among your manually cut squares--the dough is very soft and can easily be molded together to get rid of the superfluous cuts.  

Now that your squares are all set, it's time to prepare your piggies' other accoutrements. Pour about 4 tablespoons of sesame seeds and 4 tablespoons of poppy seeds into two ramekins or small bowls. To make your first piggie, place a cocktail wiener diagonally at the top edge of one of the crescent squares. Roll the piggie in the dough so it's tucked in like a baby in a blanket (or a small adult wearing a snuggie). 

As your pigs are rollin in the dough, you might notice pieces of the dough breaking because of those pre-cut pieces. Just push the dough back together to seal it up if this happens, OR, just don't even worry about it! It's more fun to have slacker-styled hogs, anyway. Think carelessly chic. Now, roll these puppies in sesame or poppy seeds. Rotate between the two seed flavors until you've used all available squares. To be extra zany you can even MIX the two seed flavors together--your pigs might look a little overdressed but that's what diva dogs are all about!

After pre-heating your oven to 350-degrees, put all your piggies on a cookie sheet to bake for 12-17 minutes, or until the dough is golden brown. While you're waiting, put on some really good music to get you in the eating mood. Something like La Bouche is perfect.

La Bouche - Sweet Dreams MP3 Download

Your pigs should come out crisp and delish. Place them in a pretty dish near other pretty stuff (like flowers or candles) on a table so your guests can eat them. I like to serve them with grainy Dijon mustard and ketchup. If you're worried about double-dipping you can hire your boyfriend to keep a close eye on anyone who might be trying to ruin your party with germs. Just because they're called PIGS in a blanket doesn't mean they're for sloppy people.

Enjoy with your fanciest friends!

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