Monday, February 21, 2011

If lookbooks could kill...

My J.Crew shopping cart has been bone dry for weeks. FABFEB can't entice me to buy even a couple vintage cotton v-neck tees, and I almost always opt for a bundle of those during a sale. Why? I bet everyone is drooling with just as much angst as I am for THESE babies: My top 6 picks from the J.Crew Spring 2011 Lookbook...

From left: What is this nude dress with the oxfords? Sure it will wash me out but I'm already pale with grief waiting to add this to my cart! Oh also I want them to make it in bright blue.

Satiny rose pink trousers? MINE. Sell them to me for $198.

There's nothing I love about this third look except the glasses (which might be A.R. Trapp?) and the hot pink-almost lavender hued crisp shirt. I don't even know if I would wear this pink shirt, but I want my friend Ruthy to have it.

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From Left: I'm going to the desert in this and no matter how hot it is, I'm wearing this shirt buttoned all the way up, inspired by my friend Kara. Good thing I didn't forget to bring my dusty blue lace blazer to the desert.

Give me this double-breasted blazer. If you don't, I will buy it for, say, eh, $198--the price of the day!

I first saw these citron tulip shorts (this is the name I've assigned them until they come back online and we can see what Jenna calls them), in the Mad About Hue feature in the women section. They seem to have disappeared for now...I'm hoping they'll return with the Spring stuff so I can love them again and tell my friend Ninve to buy them.

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