Monday, April 12, 2010

Top Three Totes 4-Life

My friends tell me I'm a walking pharmacy. I carry over-the-counter drugs with me at all times for almost every generic ailment. Actually, I have a special little LeSportsac medicine pouch that lives in my purse. Since the world could end any minute, other everyday staples include an umbrella, bottle of water, paperback book, various sizes of tampons, hand sanitizer, First-Aid items, and tissues. Call this neurotic, paranoid, back problem exacerbation, whatevs...I could probably concoct a cure for the city's chiropractic needs using only the contents of my little 'lil...I live in New York so I ride lots of trains and walk lots of places. Disaster could strike: I could get a blister, or even worse--I might sneeze.

To stay on top of my emergency game, I maneuver around the city with a mobile mcmansion on my shoulder. Over the last couple years tote bags have been my modus operandi--I came to grips with the fact that I am just not satchel savvy a long time ago. This summer, there are three totes I totally love...Little luxury apartments/emergency rooms to-go:

 MCM Cognac Coated Canvas Small Shopper, $535. (eBay and Etsy have regular rotation of vintage MCM bags for great prices).

Stephane Verdino Square Leather Tote, $325.

Marc Jacobs Birds of Paradise Nylon Tote, $525.

The Marc Jacobs was released in December 2009, and seems to be sold out just about everywhere. I've seen both the MCM and Stephane Verdino IRL. They are tōt gorge and moderately affordable if you're a tote fiend like me and willing to part with the coins. Loves? Hates?



  1. I'm not usually a tote fan...yes i'm strange... but the second is awesome

  2. Obviously, I love the MJ one because of the animal print. However, I AM satchel savvy and not tote trendy so would probs not actually wear any of these.

  3. Thanks for your comments!! These are my first two blog comments so far ever, so I appreciate the readership!